Flate Library

Flate is a template library used to deal with html code in CGI applications. The library includes C and Perl support. All html code is put in an external file (the template) and printed using the library functions: variables, zones (parts to be displayed or not) and tables (parts to be displayed 0 to n times). Using this method you don't need to modify/recompile your application when modifying html code, printing order doesn't matter in your CGI code, and your CGI code is much cleaner.


Version 2.0.1 and 1.4.6 fix an important memory overlap bug that came to light with the rewrite of the memcpy() function in newer glibc6 - thanks to Gerry Marthe for pointing it out.
Version 2.0 includes bug fixes, new functions to read HTML forms and HTTP cookies.
Version 1.4.5 does a better job at handling buggy template files
Version 1.4.4 fixes some bugs over 1.4.3 (when including zones in tables some variables were not reset)
Version 1.4.3 can now include external files with #INCLUDEFILE /path/to/file.html
Version 1.4.2 got a new fonction templateSetFileURL() to retrieve the template via http protocol (if you have libfetch installed) [removed in version 2.0, nobody really cared]. Also included is a beta of version 1.5 allowing you to have more than one object at the same time in memory [base for version 2.0].
Version 1.4.1 now includes a tool to check the template.

Read explanations here

Download library version 2.0.1 here
Download older version 1.4.6 here

Comments and feedback: Fabien Menemenlis